About M-Solar

M-Solar (Mission Electronic Limited) supplies solar powered products, including solar lighting series such as solar wall light, solar deck light, solar spotlight and solar security light. We are located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Our principles:
The first is Honesty. M-Solar believes that good business relation bases on trust. So we deny some bad custom which some competitors offer unreasonable cheap price with cheating specification. The three main parts of solar light , battery, Solar panel, and LED chip are tested before we produce or purchase. You will get that real one you want.

The second is Expert. M-Solar believes that our professional knowledge will help you market better. The function of solar products is connected with expert design theory, like appearance design, electronics design, and lighting design. Good marketing will need such professional knowledge. You know best selling needs good marketing.

The last is ODM-supported. M-Solar believes that difference changes the world as well as makes better profit. You will have better idea than us. Because you are close to customers. So we are happy to define next generation of products with you and get first opportunities in over competitive market.

M-Solar prefers to make friends first and business second. Welcome to contact us whatever you have business or not. Thanks!